Personal Favourite:       55 Archon / 22 Chloromancer / 0 Archon



The key to this support build is that you have 2 options available. You can chose to maximise your damage output or you can assist with healing, the focus however should be the upkeep of all buffs. Make sure you apply the following buffs/debuffs:

#1 Archon Passive Buffs (Every 4 minutes):

  • Shared Vigor (Increases Raid Endurance)
  • Vitality Of Stone (Increases Raid Int,Str,Dex,Wis)
  • Arcane Aegis (Increases Raid Resistance,Armor)
  • Burning Purpose (Reduces Raid Cast Times)

#2 Archon Debuffs (Every 5 minutes)

  • Seating Vitality (Self Survival)
  • Pillaging Stone (Self DPS + Debuff on target)
  • Ashen Defense (Self Survival + Debuff on target)
  • Crumbling Resistabce (Self Survival + Debuff on target)

#3 Archon Debuffs (every 20 seconds)

  • Illuminate (Debuff on target / use every 20 seconds)
  • Lingering Dust (Self DPS + Debuff on target / use every 20 seconds)

#4 Chloro Debuffs (Every 16 seconds)

  • Radiant Spores
  • Withering Vine

These are all the buffs you will Need to keep up. You can apply the passive buffs (#1) before combat. When combat  starts apply the buffs listed under (#2), continue with the buffs listed under (#3) and if healing is needed make sure you dont forget (#4). Step 3 and 4 will need to be completed every 20 / 16 seconds. Besides these buffs you have a few castable skills that do damage the target and provide the raid with a buff these are the following:

#1 Archon Buffs (Every 10/15 seconds)

  • Surging Flare (10 seconds, I would only use this in raids as te buff is minor)
  • Granite Salvo (15 Seconds)

#2 Archon buffs (every 30 seconds)

  • Earthen Barrage
  • Volcanic Bomb
  • Spark Shower

#3 Chloro Healing

  • Vile Spires (Cast)
  • Ruin (Instant)
  • Flourish (Raidheal)
  • Bloom (ST heal

Try to keep all the buffs mentioned in #1 and #2 up, when you have leftover time (you will) you can chose to provide the raid with some extra healing (#3) or you could focus on DPS by casting Granite Salvo. Furthermore you have 3 cooldowns and 1 charge consumer  available that should be used whenever they are off cooldown/available. These are:

  • 2 minutes - Flaring Power (use whenever above 50 charge so you won't run out of charge canceling the buff)
  • 1 minute - Lava Field (use on the raid to buff their damage with 15% during the entire duration)
  • 1 minute - Waning Power (Selfbuff on spellpower)
  • Charge - Power Drain (Buffs selfdamage with 10%, debuffs target's damage with 10%)

Furthermore you have 1 Aoe purge, 1 Aoe dispell and 2 Single target dispells. I hope this guide is usefull and will be used properly, many raids underestimate the importance of an archon when it in fact is one of the most important roles in a raid.

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