Boss 1: Dominax
Dominax is the first bossencounter in Exodus of the Storm Queen. The fight is divided amongst 2 phases, in both phases the boss cleaves so only the tank should stand in front of the boss. In phase 1 Dominax will take control of the huge robot and you will have to drive him out. In order to complete phase 1 you will need to deal with the following mechanics:

  • Every now and then the boss will cast 'Decimate', this spell should be interupted;
  • The tank will receive a debuff from time to time, this debuff needs to be dispelled;
  • Occasionally he will  target a random player and channel a skill called 'Red Mist' on that player, if this player is not out of line of sight with the boss before this channel ends he will die, therefor the targeted player should run out of line of sight.

When the robot is destroyed phase 2 will start and Dominax will appear in his elemental form. When dominax is in hi elemental form he will do pulsing aoe damage that needs to be healed through. The tank should pick him up and lure him onto the 'capture pad'. Near the 'capture pad' stands a 'shrinking device', when the boss is below 50% someone should activate this device. This will cause the boss to shrink and turn into a crystal. This crystal needs to be destroyed within 15 seconds in order to kill Dominax. Someone needs to pick the crystal up and run it into the marked area at the forge. When the crystal reached this area in time Dominax will be destroyed.


Boss 2: General Grim
General Grim is the second boss in 'Exodus of the Storm Queen'. For people that are familiar with Drak in ID, the encounter zone is similiar. On the edges of the room are untargetable mobs, when you come near these mobs they will damage you so stay away from them. During the entire fight General Grim will cast 'Reapers Touch', when this abbility is cast melee should move away from the boss as it will summon a Swirling Blade. This blade will then spin around the room hurting anyone it touches. If you are up for a challenge you can ignore all of these blades and try to avoid them. Ofcourse it is 20 times easier to just nuke these Blades down as they have very low hp, killing the blades will also award players with a heroic boon that increases damage done.
At 40% the boss will gain some additional abbilities, and he will place a banner in the centre of the room. This banner should be clicked by someone as it grants a reactive abillity. This abillity granted should be used whenever the boss is casting 'Brutal Strike' or when 'Submission' is up. After 40% adds are also starting to spawn, these should be killed as soon as possible. There is no need for the tank to pick these adds up as their damage is quite low. You could ignore the adds completely and focus fully on the boss, but its alot easier to just kill them off.
Boss 3: Valthund
The third boss 'Valthund' is rather straightforward but very unforgiving. The boss has the following 2 aoe skills at his disposal:
  • Frost Bound (kills everyone that is outside the blue circle, the blue circle is located in melee range);
  • Winters Fury (kills everyone that is in Valthund's line of Sight) 
The tank should pick the boss up and tank him in the middle of room. The boss always uses the same rotation on his spells, he will use Frostbound twice before casting Winters Fury once. The idea is to stay close to the boss during Frostbound and directly after the second Frostbound players should move behind one of the six bookshelves that are located in the room. Every time the boss casts Winters Fury, 1 bookshelve will be destroyed. When Winters Fury is cast for the seventh time you will wipe so make sure you have enough dps to take him down before this.
Final Boss: Chekaroth
Chekaroth is the last boss of 'Exodus of the Storm Queen' and looks really awsome. The fight itself isn't very hard if you managed to down the previous bosses. Like General Grim als chekaroth will summon a spinning blade that damages players it passes. The only exception is that Chekaroth's blade is alot bigger but it should, just  like General Grim's blade, be nuked down. The tank will receive high spike damage every now and then, this damage needs to be healed quickly .Chekaroth will also cast 'Flash Freeze' on a random player hitting the player for ALOT of damage. Flash freeze can and should be interupted as soon as possible. The only other abillity Chekaroth has is called 'Foul Wind'. 'Foul Wind' is an aoe skill that hits for 3000 damage each second for 4 seconds. The healer must outheal this as this damage cant be avoided.
During the entire fight players will get a stacking debuff that slows down movement speed. This debuff can be cleansed by walking into orange/red orbs that spawn during the entire fight. When you don't cleanse yourself it will become very hard to avoid Storm Blade making you take avoidable damage. The fight is already very healing intense and therefor it is better to cleanse yourself and avoid damage else the healer might get overwhelmed. When you kill Chekaroth you get to view a cool cutscene.

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