Personal Favourite:         61 Warlock / 15 Necromancer / 0 Archon

In order to maximize dps in this build, 100 charge should be gathered before entering combat by spamming Devouring Shadows. At the start of combat you will use this charge to cast 'Empowered Darkness' which will increase all damage with 40% . The next step is applying dots to your target, apply dots in the following order to maximise damage output:

1.Life Leech 
3.Dark Touch;
6.Optional: Neddra's Grasp (cast this when moving and all other dots are up).
7.Optional: Neddra's Essence (cast this when moving and all other dots are up)
After the dots have been applied and 'Empowered Darkness' has run out use 'Sacrifice Life: Damage'. The 3 damage buffs beeing Empowered Darkness, Sacrifice Life: Damage and Contaminate dont stack so they should be used seperately. So when all dots are up you need to use the following abbilities:
1.Death's Door (under 50%)
2.Draining Bolt;
3.Void Bolt.
When ur Dots (check atrophy as this is applied first) are about to run out for the first time, refresh them using 'Persist'. When all dots are refreshed continue with the above rotation. The second time your dots are about to run off (around 4 seconds to be safe) channel the skill 'Void Barrage'. This will do nice dmg and refresh all of your dots aswell. When played correctly you can refresh all dots by using only Persist and Void Barrage. If this is not the case your refresment timings werent perfect and you need to manually apply your dots again. When refreshing dots make sure you always have either 'Contaminate' or 'Empowered Darkness' up. Only use 'Sacrifice Life: Damage' when your casting voidbolts and draining bolts, applying dots with this buff will result in a dps loss.
Target Switching:
If you need to swap targets you have the following options:
1.When your current target is not close to dieing keep the dots on him and manually apply your dots to the new target.
2.When your current target is about to die you can store your dots with 'Salvage Corruption' and apply them to your new target with 'Deathly Pall'
3.When your current target needs to be bursted down use conflux and manually apply your dots to the new target.
Aoeing as a Warlock should be done by spreading all possible dots including Neddra's Grasp with the skill 'Radiate Death'. Dots that will get spreaded are:
  • Life Leech;
  • Dark Touch;
  • Necrosis;
  • Neddra's Grasp

This should be done whenever Radiate Death is off cooldown. Furthermore you can and should use Devouring Shadows to aoe down mobs.


This build takes a lot of practice to play properly, in the end it all comes down to charge management (How long and when to use Contaminate/Empowered Darkness without Defile falling off). In the end you will also be able to time your dotrefreshers better and better boosting your DPS by a lot. The later you refresh them the better, letting dots expire will result in a dps loss however. Regarding the talenttree 1 point could be dropped in necromancer in order to get a purge.


Melee DPS Build:        44 Pyromancer / 32 Harbinger / 0 Archon




This is a melee dps build that is focused purely on Stdps. In order to achieve maximum dps Fire Storm should be precasted till you are at max charge. When the combat starts you activate Charged Blade (increases all damage 10% and slashing damage 20%) and move into melee range. During your journey into melee the following opening rotation should be used:

  1. Prime
  2. Flame Sigil
  3. Heatwave
  4. Flame Bolt
  5. Countdown
  6. Prime
  7. Flame Volley (when standing in melee, this is a channel)
  8. Piercing Beam

Now you are in melee range you should use the following skills in the following order to maximise DPS.

  1. Flame Bolt (use this every 10 seconds to maintain the 10% damage buff and your combust stacks)
  2. Countdown (Every 8 seconds)
  3. Vorpal Slash (Every 8 seconds)
  4. Storms Fury (Every 6 Seconds)
  5. Piercing Beam (Every 4 Seconds)
  6. Storm Slash

Whenever Prime is off cooldown you should do the following:

  1. Flame Sigil (Gives a damage buff, this should only be used on 5 combust stacks. If the rotation has been done right this is the case)
  2. Prime (recast your combust stacks)

On Eldritch Armor procs you should always use Fireball, there is 1 exception to this rule. Whenever heatwave is active and you get an Eldritch Armor proc you could cast Cinderburst as this will only be a 0.5 seconds cast. Furthermore the following  skills should be used aswell:

  1. Inferno (Cast when available)
  2. Flame Volley (Cast whenever it is of cooldown,the cd gets refreshed by Heatwave so you could use it right before, and after Heatwave)
  3. Withering Flames (Cast whenever you have over 75 charge and when the target has 5 combust stacks)

When casting these abillities make sure you have just refreshed Flame Bolt so neither the buff expires or the combust stacks run off. When casting Fireballs on Eldritsch Armor Procs, 'Wildfire' can become active. This allows you to spam Flame Bolts, this is very usefull for building up combust stacks fast and to maintain dps when not in melee.


Aoe damage can be done in two ways with this build, you have the option to use Lucent Lash and you have the option to use Fire Storm. If your standing in melee range and the mobs that need to get aoe'd are also in melee range I suggest using Lucent Lash. If however the mobs spawn far away from you and you will need to run it would be smarter to use firestorm. When aoeing and you still have a primary target up, refresh Flame Bolt every 10 seconds on this target so you won't lose your buff and combust stacks. 


AOE DPS Build:         61 Dominator / 15 Stormcaller / 0 Archon 



Rotation: (update coming soon)

1. Use all your aoe spells starting with the highest CD and the instant aoe's (more direct aoe this way)
2. Make sure you place Void Wall so the outer circle of the aoe hits the mobs.
3. Whenever charge is maxed (min above 50, max is better use Lightning wall.
4. When all spells are on cooldown use Forked Lightning.
5. If mobs are moving or beeing moved around use Storm Shackle on the mobs, alternatively cast it on a mob that can be knockbacked and move it manually with Thunder Blast/Electrocute.

If no AOE can be done and you should do ST dps. Do the following
1. Follow step 1-3 shown above,
2. Cast Split Person - Transference - Death's Eddict(because of the casting + spellpower buff) - Haunting Pain - Mana Wrench - (Electrocute - Thunder Blast, if knocking back or interupting isnt an issue)- Malevolent Bolt
3. use icicle whenever its instant

For both rotations it is advised to use a control ability just before applying ur major damage skills, I do this with Death's eddict as this will give me a casting speed bonus and a spellpower bonus. I will cast this or Transmo right before applying MB - VW - and other aoe's but always start with those 2

Ranged DPS Build         44 Pyromancer / 32  Warlock / 0 Archon

Burst DPS Build             45 Pyromancer / 31  Elemen / 0 Archon


Rotation: (coming soon, still testing this spec)

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